The Jeanne Marchig Animal Protection Award 2018, will be given at India for Animals 2018, with nation-wide recognition and a cash award of Rs. 5,00,000, which we will award to 5 organisations equally.

Applications are invited from animal welfare organisations in India to improve the existing direct services they provide to animals; e.g. - through shelters, ABC and on-site rescue. The aim of the Award is to fund activities that will increase and improve the services that NGOs are providing and thus, make a difference for the animals.

Eligibility Criteria:

Please check that you meet the following criteria before applying for the sponsorship award:

  • Your group must have charitable purposes and be a registered NGO.
  • Applications must be for a specific purpose/programme/campaign, and not for a contribution towards general running costs.
  • Donations will be made by cheque to the named group/organisation.
  • Funding cannot be given to individuals.
  • Only projects that directly help animals through sheltering, spay neuter/ABC/sterilisations, rehabilitation, on-site first aid, rescue and care will qualify for the award.
  • Specifically, your application needs to show how the Award will enhance the quality of your work; reach out to more animals and/or improve the quality of lives of the animals your project is reaching out to and thus will make a real difference.
  • If you win the Award, FIAPO will work with you to develop a detailed plan of action according to which the project will be implemented, including periodic monitoring of progress.
  • 50% of the Award amount will be transferred at the start of the project and the balance 50% on the successful completion of the project according to the plan agreed upon.
  • Organisations who are represented on FIAPO's board are not eligible to apply.

If you fulfil these criteria, please fill in this application form and send it to us at Based on the applications received, FIAPO and The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust will give the Award at IFA 2018. The deadline for receiving applications for this award is 15th August 2018.