The Uma Malhotra Mentoring Scholarship
For supporting grassroots activists


25 lucky people will be chosen to receive this mentorship from FIAPO!

India for Animals (IFA) is India's largest conference for animal advocates where individuals and organisations come together from all over India to train, network and inspire action for saving animals. FIAPO has been organising this conference for the last 8 years, and it attracts international speakers, experts, campaigners and leaders from within India who lead social justice and social change.

Activists in the animal protection movement in India often, due of lack of funds, and with no source of income, find it extremely difficult to financially support the awesome work they do for animals. The India For Animals conference, to be held in October 2018, is one such opportunity where activists get to hone their skillset, which would ultimately lead to the success of the movement. To help them overcome any financial constraints they would otherwise have, to attend the event or for joining FIAPO’s year-long programme of mentorship for their campaigns, The Uma Malhotra Mentoring Scholarship is made available to them, helping them to share, learn and inspire for the protection of animals in the country.

Application procedure:
Activists will need to submit an application form, which will be reviewed by professional FIAPO staff, and an appropriate scholarship amount can be granted.

Awardees will get:

  • 100% IFA Registeration Fees waived or less.
  • Free (or budget) accommodation and meals for all 3 days, so they can participate in the conference at little or no cost.
  • Get to register as an individual animal activist with FIAPO, which will entitle them for support and mentorship for an entire year on a grassroots campaign in their city (this could be to do with running a first-aid campaign for dogs, or vegan outreach or stopping illegal slaughter in their city).
  • Awardees will also be provided with resources suitable to their campaigns, for e.g.,
    • For vegan advocacy, awardees will be provided with printed booklets, banners, materials, tablets, stands, and other technology for video outreach.
    • For first aid, awardees will be provided with a basic first-aid kit. Subject to approval, awardees may also apply for costs of hiring small venues, projectors, catering - to host local events for grassroots animal protection advocacy.

Awardees will be required to submit a report of utilisation of expenses within the stipulated period when the grant is awarded.

To apply for this mentorship scholarship, please click here:  The Uma Malhotra Scholarship – India for Animals 2018